Automec PS50 Shearfeed System

PS50 Shearfeed System

The PS 50 Autofeed is a programmable feeding device for shears. It grips the workpiece with pneumatic fingers, feeds the piece into the shear with precision movements and fires the shear when in position. The common application is reshearing multiple patterns created on a CNC punch but it can also be used for cutting strips of material.


The operator loads a blank onto PS 50, locks the parts in place with pneumatic grippers, and sets the feed in motion which automatically triggers a shear, punch or stamping machine.

PS 50 advances the material towards the shear blade or punch in increments automatically triggering the secondary machine. When complete, the system retracts for removal and loading of the next piece.

Side-to-side adjustable pneumatic fingers grip the work-piece for feeding. Grippers can be placed up to 5 ft. apart and travel up to 49” front to rear. Gripper can move to within 1” of the punch or shear blade. 3/16” dia. pins on each gripper fit into a corresponding hole on the blank for accurate referencing.

Rugged 1” dual ball screws and (4) ¾” shafts handle the sheet movement. A 1000 watt closed loop D.C. servo motor/amplifier drives the system with speed and precision. Travel is 49”.

Gauging from the front of the device using one reference point on the work-piece eliminates cumulative tolerance buildup experienced with backgauging. All dimensions will be within ± .002” of the original reference.


PS 50 utilizes the CNC300 Automec control. It features storage of 300 jobs, shop rugged LED display, and an RS232 computer interface.

The jobs can be set-up on the shop floor and uploaded to the computer for future runs or can be programmed in the office and downloaded to the CNC300.

In either case the operator can easily make changes on CNC300 to correct for minor variations without disturbing the jobs stored in the computer memory.


No programming or tape prep experience is required. The operator simply enters a load position and desired punch or shear dimensions. Once the advance key is depressed the blank is moved into position for the first operation and the shear or punch is activated. When the ram reaches top of stroke the PS 50 advances the material to the next step until the piece is complete. It then returns the grippers to the load position for unloading and loading of the next piece.


Gauging from the device using one reference point on the workpiece eliminates cumulative tolerance buildup experienced with backgauging. All dimensions will tolerance within ± .002” of the original reference.


The operator’s hands are kept free of the punch or shear and reduced handling of the material reduces chance of injury.


  • 300 Jobs (00 to 299)
  • 10 Dimensions per Job (linking available)
  • Programmable Delay (0 - 19 sec.)
  • Calculator to Change Dimensions Incrementally
  • Parts Counter
  • Single Entry Offset
  • RS232 Interface and Software Include
  • .001” Resolution
  • Red L.E.D. Display
  • IN/MM Conversion
  • Tactile Feel Pushbuttons
  • 30 Day Battery Back Up
  • Input Power - 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ, 7A MAX
  • 11 Digit Job Numbers

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