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Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems. Our positioning systems consist of a programmable control where the operator enters a dimension and a motorized gauging mechanism automatically moves through a sequence of programmed dimensions. These systems can be retrofitted to press brakes, shears, cut-off saws and punches.

Automec systems increase the productivity of the machinery they are attached to by dramatically reducing material handling during the manufacturing process. Our systems are noted for their ease of programming, high reliability and positioning accuracy.

A Proud Heritage!

Celebrating 50 Years!

Automec, Inc. is celebrating its 50th year in business as a small privately held manufacturer in 2019. During this time our employees have amassed an incredibly amount of knowledge about both our products and their applicable industries. This proud heritage translates into better service and support for our customers. In an environment of corporate takeovers, buyouts and foreign outsourcing Automec remains one of the few companies where you can still talk to the people that sold you the machine long after you purchased it. We have emerged as an industry leader in retrofit with over four decades of successful product development experience and an installed based of over 10,000 systems both in the USA as well as in more than 20 countries abroad.

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Automec, Inc. is a Certified USA Dealer of CoastOne electric press brakes. (servo-electric) Automec handles sales and service for customers in the U.S, as they have been with their back gauge systems for the last 47 years. CoastOne electric press brakes are becoming the future of press brake technology. The technology behind the CoastOne electric press brake is the “direct-drive system,” which uses servo motors directly tied to ball screws to administer force. This capability, in turn, offers an extreme accuracy of 0.000079 inches! By the term, “servo-electric,” it may seem hard to believe that these machines conserve more electricity than traditional hydraulic press brakes. However, CoastOne servo - electric press brakes are not running hydraulic pumps and heating fluids all day. These electric press brakes only use energy when in motion and conserve the energy otherwise. Read more >>

Our backgauge systems consist of a programmable control where the operator enters a dimension and a motorized gauging mechanism automatically moves through a sequence of programmed dimensions. Our systems also offer program-ability of the ram for many pressbrakes. They can offer programmable "top of stroke," "slow speed," and "bottom of stroke." Our systems can be retrofitted to existing pressbrakes, shears, and punches.  Read more >>

Backgauge Control Upgrades are a cost-effective way to continue using your existing press brake system. Automec can provide Backguage controls to communicate with your existing backgauge, ram, and additional axes. Most companies find that the cost of retrofitting a press brake is significantly less expensive than a full replacement.  Read more >>

Studies show that the majority of shearing time is consumed in set-up…not shearing. Our Squaregage Front Gauge Control System reduces that set-up time and increases shear productivity, especially when accurate square blanks are required. Read More >>

The PS 50 Autofeed is a programmable feeding device for shears. It grips the workpiece with pneumatic fingers, feeds the piece into the shear with precision movements and fires the shear when in position. The common application is reshearing multiple patterns created on a CNC punch but it can also be used for cutting strips of material.  Read More >>

Automec is a distributor of Standard Industrial Press Brakes. Standard Industrial machines are “100% made in the USA.” In addition to having the best warranty in the industry, Standard provides fully customized press brakes that are unique to your application. learn more >>

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Econogauge for Press Brakes

Automec Announces Econogauge for Press Brakes   Econogauge is a simple, manually positioned backgauge for press brakes with a digital display at a fraction of the price of a CNC backgauge.  Automec has designed and manufactured CNC backgauges since 1972.  With Econogauge, the operator simply loosens the carriage lock, slides

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Troubleshooting Betenbender Press Brakes

If you are having problems operating your Betenbender press brake, there are several things you can do to help you get back up and running without spending money on expensive repairs and upgrades. Use this guide for starters and then reach out to a professional when you have exhausted your

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