The CNC 150 – 3 Axis Backgauge Control System for Press Brakes is an economical, simple-to-use system that incorporates the most popular features used in our 30-plus years experience in the press brake backgauging business. CNC150 will control any of the Automec backgauge configurations as either a 1-axis (backgauge), 2-axis (Ram Control) or 3-axis (programmable gauge bar height).

3 Axis Backgauge Control System for Press Brakes

CNC 150 – 3 Axis Backgauge Control System Features

  • Incremental Corrections – dimensions can be corrected by adding or subtracting incrementally from the existing dimension.
  • Bend Allowance – All backgauge dimensions can be offset with one data entry up to ± .393˝
  • Ram Depth Mode – Programmable in inches or millimeters from the flat metal calibration point. On most hydraulic press brakes, the top of stroke can be varied from bend to bend and a ram slow down point can be programmed for each job.
  • Ram Offset–all of the Ram depths can be offset with one data entry up to ± .393˝
  • Backgauge Retract/Delay – Backgauge can be programmed to retract away from the die a specified time and distance to allow the operator time to reposition the workpiece.
  • Backgauge Retract on Pinch Point–On 2-axis hydraulic brakes this feature allows you to program the backgauge to retract once the workpiece is pinched to clear reverse bends. Both time and distance of retract can be programmed separately for each bend.
  • Self Diagnostics–error codes appear for programming mistakes or system malfunction.

CNC 150 – 3 Axis Backgauge Control System Visual Features

  • Calibration instructions are printed right on display for easy recall.
  • The Velvet-Lexan front panel features high-feedback tactile feel push keys.
  • Three separate display windows mean up to 3 axes can be displayed at the same time.
  • LED indicators monitor system function.
  • Parts counter can be viewed by momentarily pressing one button. When released you
    return to the program.

CNC 150 – 3 Axis Backgauge Control System Technical Specifications

  • Up to 11 digit part numbers can be assigned
  • 150 jobs (00 to 150)
  • 20 bends per job
  • Cycles – up to 9 per bend
  • Programmable delay/retract between bends (0-9 sec.)
  • 1, 2 or 3 axis
  • .001˝ resolution
  • Red L.E.D. display
  • In/mm conversion
  • Tactile feel pushbuttons
  • 30-day battery back-up
  • Input power – 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ,
  • 7A MAX
  • Width 15˝ x Height 11˝ x Depth 4˝
  • Weight 10 lbs.


MINIBRUTE  offers quick set-up and sequential backgauge positioning for press brakes with 3´ to 8´6˝ between the side frames, utilizing up to a 66˝ gauge bar. It is designed for workpieces where 20˝ of front to rear positioning is satisfactory and one operator handles the workpiece. MINIBRUTE is available as a Single Axis Backgauge or a 2-axis with ram control. Consult price sheet for compatible control options. Video and mounting templates are provided for simple self-installation of single axis systems.Small backguage

  • 10″ Vertical Height Adjustment
  • Automec’s Patented gauge bar and popular GF-8 fingers are included
  • 8″ Horizontal Calibration Adjustment
  • Computer aided design enables a compact mechanical structure to handle up to 66″ gauge bar with minimal deflection
  • Modular motor PAC- Includes Motor, Encoder and all drive hardware.  Package can be removed with 4 bolts and returned for easy low-cost service.

Unique fold-down feature allows the uprights and gauge bar to be swung out of the way for forming flanges exceeding 20˝. A rear support leg is also provided for increased rigidity.

Designed to fit on press brakes with up to 8´ 6˝ between the side frames, the MINI BRUTE Backgauge offers a compact, rugged solution to press brake gauging, where a single operator handles the workpiece. The DC motor driven gauge has 20 ˝ of travel and comes with a 66˝ gauge bar.

Small Backgauge Autogauge


  • Recommended press brake 3´ to 8´6˝ width (Between side frames)
  • Tilting gauge bar std.
  • Fold-down gauge bar std.
  • No. of drive screws 1
  • Gauge height adj. 10˝
  • Gauge travel 20˝
  • Gauge speed 600˝/minute
  • Resolution .001˝
  • Repeatability ± .002˝
  • Workblocks supplied 2
  • GF-8 flip fingers supplied 2
  • Horizontal calibration adjustment 8˝
  • Holding force 200 lbs.
  • Std. gaugebar length 66˝
  • O.A. Width (less gaugebar) 31˝
  • O.A. Height 21˝
  • O.A. Depth (front to rear) 41˝
  • Rear support leg std.
  • Shipping weight 260 lbs
  • Input power– 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ, 7A MAX


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