Accurpress controls, CNC options for new and used press brakes and Backguages

Are you looking for Accurpress Controls and Control options?  Let’s start with what Accurpress was selling twenty years ago, as many press brake owners may be using the same old control system. Let’s face it, the mechanical components of most Accurpress press brakes are built to last, so most fabrication shops are still holding on to old technology that needs to be upgraded. Lessons learned here will save you tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary expenses.

Accurpress Controls and CNC Controller Options - FLASHBACK to The 80s

Accurpress's first CNC Controller AP2
Accurpress Flashback to the 80s

Used Accurpress CNC Control Options

Accurpress's first CNC gauge, the AP2.

In the late 80’s Accurpress offered its first CNC gauge, the AP2. The Accurpress® AP2 system provided basic calibration controls for the backgauge and limited job programming features. You can see from the video below; the AP2 was as basic as CNC control systems get. The look is reminiscent of old Wang, Texas Instruments, and Windows Dos-based systems, which were not known for their innovative graphic user interfaces and user-friendly features. Believe it or not, many press brake fabrication shops are still using these relics of a bygone era, and fortunately, there are still affordable replacement options. 

If you have an Accurpress AP2 system and want options for retrofitting instead of replacing your press brake, click here to learn how to upgrade your Accurpress AP2 CNC Controler.  

Accurpress ETS CNC Gauging Control - The 90s and beyond

In the 1990’s, Accurpress upgraded to its ETS CNC Control systems. The company provided a basic ETS pedestal control with all its press brakes. The ETS Pedestal Control was described as providing “All press brake functions at one station,” however, this is no longer an accurate description since it doesn’t provide CNC Gauging Controls that are a critical component for today’s modern press brake.  

The ETS programmable logic control (PLC) unit allowed press brake functions to be controlled by the operator through push-button controls over ram depth settings and tonnage limits. An LCD on the ETS showed the program details as text, and there were no graphic controls. The unit allowed storage of a total of 16 different bend programs in its memory. The ETS was mounted on a pedestal incorporating a footswitch and dual palm buttons that gave the operator control over ram movements. 

The standard functions of the control included: 

  1. jog, manual, auto Operating modes 
  2. Three control modes: palm buttons only, foot switch only, palm/foot transfer 
  3. Control of the power ram tilt
  4. On/off for ram delay at bend position
  5. On/off for ram double stop feature
  6. Push + or – keys (±0.001) for quick incremental changes
  7. Choice of either high position, slow position, or bend position for ram control 
  8. The LCD panel displays the job program number (0 to 15), ram position high/slow/bend positions tonnage limit, ram delay at bend point, choice of inch or metric
  9. A Ram “up” button
  10. Key switch to lock/unlock settings editing

While rudimentary compared with today’s modern press brake controls, these controls were sufficient to meet most press brake shops’ needs in the 1990s and early 2000.

As an industry leader in press brake manufacturing, Accurpress offered several upgrades for CNC Gauging in the early years of ETS, from entry-level (ETS100) to its automatic multiple axis controls (ETS3000). The ETS100 and 200 were mounted on the pedestal, and the ETS2000 and 3000 were mounted on the right side of the machine. 

Accurpress ETS100 & ETS200 Controllers for single and two-axis backgauge controls. 

The Accurpress ETS100 Control worked with a Single-axis (X) backgauge control with 16 onboard programs, five steps per program. While the Accurpress ETS200 control had the same look as the 100 – but included two-axis (X & Y) backgauge control with 100 onboard programs, nine steps per program, and a catalog screen.

ETS-100-200 Controls
ETS-100-200 Controls
ETS 100 & 200 Pedestal
ETS 100 & 200 Pedestal

Accurpress ETS2000 and ETS3000 Control systems for Multi-axis controls.

ETS2000 features included:

  • menu-driven programming (10.4 DSTN passive matrix screen)
  • catalog, calibrate, manual, program, and run screens
  • 2000 programs, 50 steps each program
  • programming via position or angle
  • off-line program storage via RS-232 link or 3.5 diskette

ETS3000 features included:

  • 12.1 TFT active matrix screen, graphical display
  • bend simulation with interference and tool overload checking
  • Tool library
  • 3000 programs, 50 steps each program
  • Optional R and Z1/Z2 axes 
  • Off-line program storage via RS-232 link or 3.5 diskette
  • LAN (optional)

Accurpress phased out the ETS2000 in 2007-2008 but continues to offer its standard CNC control system as the model ETS3000.   

Summary ETS Offerings in the 90s

X-axis yes yesyesyes
Z1/Z2-axes ---optional
Pedestal mountedyesyes--
Pendant mounted--yesyes
Crowning interface optional optional 
Graphic display ---yes
Tool library--yesyes
Information display4 line LCD4 line LCD10.4. -DSDN12.1.-TFT
On-board programs 1610020003000
Steps per program 595050
Off-line programming--optionaloptional
Catalog screen-yesyesyes
Angle mode programming--yesyes
Tonnage mode programmingyesyesyesyes
Bend allowancemanualmanualauto

What are my options for Upgrading my old Accurpress CNC Control? 

If your Accurpress has an ETS control station, you may be able to upgrade your control to any of the Accurpress models featured above. However, even if you can find an affordable used Accurpress control system in good shape, you will find no warranty and limited support for your used equipment. The best solution may be a new third-party CNC control that comes with a warranty and full support. 

There are no Accurpress solutions for pre-ETS controls like the AP2. You need an ETS to use any of the Accurpress options described above. The good news is that there are still third-party options for the Accurpress AP2. For example, Automec can utilize existing Accurpress back gauges and replace the obsolete Accurpress® AP2 with our CNC 150 or CNC 300 Press Brake Backgauge Control. As a result, you will get a great new system backed by a warranty and ongoing support.  

This is where Automec, Inc. can help! Automec can upgrade existing press brake/ back gauge controls for less than 1/2 the price of purchasing a completely new system. We offer 2-axis control upgrades for most Accurpress® back gauges, including the Accurpress® AP2. We also retrofit press brake controls for numerous press brakes in the field today. Click here to learn how to upgrade your Accurpress CNC Control system. 

Inroducing the Automec Fasfold

Accurpress Today - New Accurpress Press Brake Control Options. 

Today Accurpress offers the ETS200 default with its Advantage Rocker Arm press brake.   The ETS design has gone through design iterations and improvements, but the features are the same: Ram and Backgauge X-Axis controls, 4 line LCD Display, 100 on Board Programs, 9 Steps/ Program, Set and save Ram Positions, Tonnage Mode Programming.   Customers have the option to upgrade to an ETS3000 for additional costs.   There is no longer an ETS2000 model to choose from.  Many Accurpress Customers choose to upgrade the Accurpress ETS with more affordable third-party CNC systems instead of the ETS3000.  

Accurpress ETS200
Current ETS 200 System sold default with Accurpress Press Brakes
Old ETS Keypad
Old Style ETS Keypad used for ETS200 and ETS100

Automec CNC 300 Autogauge Controller Option used with ETS200 System

Play Video

This is a YouTube Video of a used 2011 Accurpress 2-Axis CNC Press Brake, 4’X25-Ton with Automec CNC 300 Autogauge –  sold by  New England Industrial Machinery.

Accurpress ETS3000 CONTROL Options

Accurpress ETS3000
Accurpress ETS3000

According to the Accurpress website, the ETS3000 Control is currently an option for the Accurpress Advantage and Accell U product lines. 

The ETS 3000 has gone through numerous upgrades over the years, including a more robust Touch Screen Control and Teach Mode Programming.  Below is an overview of features:

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Teach Mode Programming
  • Automatic Bend Sequencing
  • Control over all Axis
  • Bump Forming
  • Creates Programs 
  • Angle and Flange Adjustments


Accurpress Vision Control
Accurpress Vision Control

Accurpress created a new CNC Controller called “Vision” that has the same features described above with the Accurpress ETS3000 but with additional features like automatic tool selection, quick tooling change, simple bump bending, programming of custom tools, and special bend support such as offset, hemming, and pre-bends.  

The Vision Controller system is available on the Accurpress  Accell E, Accell U, and Accell H Press Brake upgrade packages.  For those customers who want to keep the ETS3000, Accurpress has made it possible for Accell U upgrade customers to continue using the ETS3000. 




Accurpress created Vision 3D for instant 3D visualization.  This product lets you import part models into Vision for full 3D programming, bend visualization, and dynamic viewing during the forming process.  Accurpress Vision 3D works with both ETS3000 and Vision Controllers.  


There is even a VISION TO ETS3000 UPGRADE option for Advantage machines that lets you use Visions’ powerful 3D bend simulator to create programs and import them into the ETS3000 control. 


Present like a pro with the Moses control option.  With Accurpress Moses, you can display Vision directly onto the Accurpress Ram and use it as a touchscreen.    Walk customers and employees through the bending process, setups, and part orientation while Moses Displays a 3D visual of the program during forming.

Accurpress Controller Options Summary

Accurpress is an industry leader in press brake manufacturing and continues to innovate when it comes to CNC controls.  We hope this article has provided you with a history of Accurpress controls and sufficient CNC upgrade options for controlling your press brake.   Unfortunately, we don’t have pricing for the Accurpress products described in this blog post as they are changing and unavailable to us.  You will need to contact your Accurpress dealer representative for pricing information.  Ultimately you will either invest in a new Accurpress Press Brake, or upgrade your existing Accurpress machine with new or used controllers.   If you want to look at Accurpress CNC Upgrades, Automec offers several affordable CNC Backgauge Control Upgrade Kits In addition, Automec recently introduced our Fasfold Controller with comparable features to the Accurpress controler options described above but without the heavy investment.   

You don't need to replace your Accurpress Press Brake to get advanced press brake controls with 3D simuation.

An ideal controller for new and used Amada press brakes 

The Automec Fasfold controller is one of the most advanced press brake controllers on the market today. The controller is ideal for both new and used  press brakes.    And, the Fasfold press brake controller will save you a ton of time doing the setup for your CNC jobs.  Automec Fasfold Features include:  

Widescreen Multi touch format; allows ALL important views at once on main screen.
All Views At Once fasfold Controller for Amada Press brake
Quickdraw, graphical editing, real-time 2D and 3D simulation, fast and easy programming
Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Scroll and Page click by using two fingers smart phone style
Do rapid inspections, simulate the folding, inspect collisions
Fasfold Controller 3D Rapid Inspections
Windows 10 platform compatibility for improved security
Windows 10 Security
Online and Offline Press Brake Programming - Download or send jobs via USB or wireless network.
Online and Offline Press Brake Programming

Watch the Automec Fasfold Controller Video to see it in action.

Play Video

Contact our sales team at (781) 893-3403 for a custom quote on upgrading your Accurpress press brake.  We have options for upgrading your Pre-ETS Accurpress AP2 and ETS Systems.  



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