The programmable Gauge Bar Height option lets the operator program a different gauge bar height for each bend in a sequence. The system is totally programmable within the full 8” vertical range in increments of 0.1”.
Repeatability is ± 0.002”.

Uprights consists of dual precision ground ball screws driven by a DC drive and held in place at each position with a disc brake. This combination allows for very rapid positioning of 2.5”/second, so the operator seldom waits for an adjustment between bends.

There are 3 main factors in determining whether to purchase the R-Axis Programmable Backgauge Bar:

  1. Frequent Die Height Changes: Shops that perform a lot of die changes per day can eliminate the time required to manually reposition the gauge bar height. These changes can be made at the control without the need to walk around to the rear of the press brake to crank the manual handwheels.
  2. Workpiece Changes: During Bend Sequence Oftentimes, the reference plane where the workpiece contacts the gauge finger changes as parts are formed with sequential bending. The gauge bar can be programmed up or down on every bend to put the gauging surface at exactly the right height for each bend.
  3. Progressive Die Setups: Some set-ups require multiple dies set-up across the press brake bed to form the workpiece. A seperate pair of gauging fingers is required for each die set, so the programmable R-Axis lets those fingers move to the proper height for each die set.

R- Axis Backgauge Bar Features

R- Axis Backgauge
  • Electric disc brakes hold the gauge bar at the proper height once the R-axis moves to position.
  • Modular Motor Pack – The drive package can easily be removed with 4 bolts for service. It includes the motor, amplifier and encoder. This motor pack is the same as the X-axis motor pak for consistency and ease of service.
  • The uprights consist of (4) ¾” dia. hardened steel ways mounted to ½” thick jig plate steel. This allows for perfect and consistent alignment of the ways.
  • Manual handwheels can be used when CNC positioning is not required.
  • 8 precision ball-bushing assemblies are used to traverse the gauge bar up and down. Those are the same proven bushings used on the X-axis.
  • Precision ball screws and zero backlash nuts on both sides mean fast, precision positioning.

R-Axis Programmable Backgauge Specifications

  • Speed: 2.5”/Second
  • Vertical Travel: 8 Inches Resolution: 0.1”
  • Repeatability: ± 0.002”
  • Availability: All Automec controls that offer X-Y axis are also available with R-Axis. CNC150, CNC300, CNC4000 and PC800.
  • Motor: DC Servo with encoder and disc brake
  • Drives: Dual precision ball screws with recirculating ball nuts
  • Holding Force: Electro-Magnetic disc brakes yield 200 lbs. holding force

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Automec, Inc., CNC Gauging and Press brake Solutions, has engineered and released the “Inverted R-Axis” option for new backgauge systems and for upgrading existing backgauges. Read more about the inverted R-Axis>>



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