Automec Introduces Inverted R-Axis

Inverted R-Axis

September 14, 2018- Waltham, MA-Automec, Inc., CNC Gauging and Pressbrake Solutions, has engineered and released the “Inverted R-Axis” option for new backgauge systems and for upgrading existing backgauges.

The standard R-Axis with programmable gauge bar height has been in Automec’s product line for many years. However, the pre-existing design of both the Manual adjustment R-Axis and the Programmable R-Axis have created some limitations regarding how far a material can be pushed beyond the press brake tooling. This is due to interference with the vertical mechanical assemblies used for supporting the gauge bar and fingers. In order to push a material past the length of travel of a given backgauge, the operator would need to disassemble the gauge bar height adjustment assemblies and the gauge bar supports. If there was a pre-existing programmable R-Axis on the backgauge, it might turn into a decrease in productivity.

With the new “Inverted R-Axis” by Automec, the operator can now program the gauge bar down below the existing die setup, allowing the operator to push a material past the standard 24” of travel on our G24 backgauges. All of the assemblies used for raising and lowering the gauge bar sit below the backgauge, eliminating the possibility of interference with the material. This also eliminates the need to disassemble any mechanical components on the backgauge and it keeps the operator in front of the machine bending parts. Not only does this increase productivity by eliminating any limitations of material lengths, but it also gives the operator full programmability of the gauge bar height. If the operator is changing tooling frequently or would like to gauge off varying flange heights, it is possible with a push of a button. Contact Sales at 781-893-3403×1 or for more information.



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