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MultiTapper TapOne Thread Tapper Drill

Electric Tapping Machine Streamlines Your Machining Process

The CoastOne MultiTapper MT1212 Electric Tapping Machine is a unique, full-range device that offers thread tapping, drilling, and countersinking in one powerful machine. It features the unparalleled quality that CoastOne users have come to expect, while delivering features and capabilities not available in any other product on the market.

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RoboCone Robotic Press Brake

RoboCone Robotic Press Brakes Transform Metal Fabrication Shops

Robotic Press Brakes Help Small to Medium Sized Shops Press brake automation in the field of metal fabrication has been a game-changer, particularly for smaller shops. The CoastOne RoboCone press brake, and similar machines, have significantly improved the efficiency, precision, and safety of shop operations. RoboCone Robotic Press Brakes: An Overview The CoastOne RoboCone Press

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New Press brake

Robotic Press Brakes

Press Brake Automation Enhances Performance CoastOne robotic press brakes use robotic integration to automate the bending process and increase productivity and quality. The CoastOne RoboCone is a modular robotic press brake. Press brake automation allows robots to operate press brakes without human intervention.  The RoboCone can load and unload parts, rotate and flip them, and

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PressOne Insertion Machine Feeder

Insertion Machine Comparison: Electric vs. Hydraulic

How Does the PressOne Electric Insertion Machine Stand Up to Hydraulic Competitors? When you’re choosing an insertion machine for your fastening needs, you will seek out the highest efficiency, accuracy, and speed. But you may not realize how the type of machine can determine these features. Electric machines, like CoastOne’s PressOne Insertion Machine, differ from

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PressOne Electric Insertion Machine

Introducing the PressOne Electric Insertion Machine

The PressOne is the first and only fully electric insertion machine in the industry, offering a range of benefits over conventional hydraulic machines. The PressOne can insert fasteners such as nuts, studs, rivets, or screws into various materials, creating strong and permanent joints.

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