Comparing Small Press Brakes, Featuring The C – Series Small Press Brake from Coastone

Are you looking for a small press brake that is affordable and efficient? Automec has the solution for you! Coastone C-Series Small Press Brakes are all electric, servo-driven, and built to run for decades in most demanding environments.

Top 10 Reasons to upgrade or retrofit your Cincinnati press brakes

Your old Cincinnati Press brakes can only do so much. The following are the most common reasons to upgrade or retrofit your press brake.

Everything you need to know about a Press Brake Retrofit!

This article has answers to your questions. You will learn why a Press Brake Retrofit is a cost-effective way in which press brake owners can continue to use their press brakes without replacement.

HURCO Autobend 6 Y-Axis Parts, Listings, Assemblies and Wiring Diagrams

Use these Hurco Autobend 6 Y – Axis diagrams to help you repair, upgrade or replace your Hurco Autobend 6 Backgauge.


1. Where can I find the serial number (SN) for my Automec system? The serial number is an eight digit number that is located on the back of the control and the backgauge motor pack. Note: on the CNC99 control the serial number can be found on the front of the control underneath the “quick … Continue reading AUTOMEC’S TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE QUESTIONS