Cone Press Brakes G20

Cone Press Brakes – servo electric with an accuracy of 0.000079 inches

Cone press brakes (CoastOne) are servo-electric press brakes and conserve more electricity than traditional hydraulic press brakes. Unlike, Hydraulic Press brakes that run hydraulic pumps and heating fluids all day, Cone press brakes conserve energy by only using it when in motion. This energy efficiency makes Cone the #1 choice for those who want affordable,

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Automec’s Top Customer Service Questions

1. Where can I find the serial number (SN) for my Automec system? The serial number is an eight digit number that is located on the back of the control and the backgauge motor pack. Note: on the CNC99 control the serial number can be found on the front of the control underneath the “quick

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Adjustment of Dimension E on Dial Gauge 2

18) – Amada Promecam Routine Maintenance Operations

(Download promecam press brake machine maintenance) 18 -1 MACHINE MAINTENANCE: Your press requires a minimum amount of maintenance; maintenance is chiefly limited to draining the hydraulic system. A) HYDRAULIC SYSTEM – DRAINAGE The hydraulic system in your press has distributor valves. The reliability of these valves depends above all on how clean the oil is.

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