Cone Press Brake G30

The top 10 reasons to buy an electric press brake.

When a company is in the market for an electric or hydraulic press brake, decision-makers could be wondering which one is best for them. As a result, they might assign the task of procuring a press brake to an operations manager or a financial planner. Therefore, if an operations manager is in the market for

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Press brake operations

Run your press brake operations and business at peak performance

Press brake owners, fabricators, and machine shops should consider several critical areas for running a successful business. These include controlling costs of press brake operations, improving productivity, and ensuring quality output to achieve customer satisfaction. When these principles guide your decisions, they will help you reach your company’s long-term performance, strategic, financial, and operational goals.

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Newest Employee Welds His Way Into Automec

Automec, Inc.-Waltham, MA- the leader in Press brake solutions, filled a spot on the Automec team towards the end of 2020. Gary Davis, Automec’s newest team member, takes the title as Manufacturing & Fabrication Manager. Back in September 2020, the current pandemic left companies deciding when might be a good time to hire again. With

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spring sale

Spring Special!

Spring Special! Now Until June 21st, 2021! From now until June 21st, 2021, Automec is holding a Spring Special for Gold Motor Pack Upgrades! Looking to upgrade your control? Prefer a slightly less expensive option than replacing your entire system? For more than 10% off, our Gold Motor Pack Upgrade Kits are now just $3,995.00!

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Engineering a Solution Targeting COVID-19 with Rosetta@Home

Engineering a Solution Targeting COVID-19 with Rosetta@Home Automec, Inc., the leading CNC Manufacturing company for Press brake solutions, has volunteered their spare computing resources to contribute to the Rosetta@home project. Rosetta@Home is a distributed computing project run by the Baker Lab at the University of Washington. The project uses thousands of volunteer computers to act

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