Why Should You Choose Small Press Brakes?

Affordable and Efficient: Small Press Brakes Make a Big Difference

What distinguishes a small press brake from its larger cousins? It is usually electric or hydraulic and has a lower tonnage and bending length than larger press brakes. The newer small press brakes have many advantages, since most of them:

  • Can handle small batch and multi-variety production
  • Have a low cost and long lifespan of bending dies
  • Can produce complex shapes such as “S” and “Z” bends
  • Are made of heavy-duty components that ensure durability and accuracy
  • Can save energy, improve safety and reduce noise compared to larger hydraulic press brakes
CoastOne C9 Press Brake in use

What Do You Need Your Press Brake to Do?

Before deciding on the size of your new press brake, consider these factors:

  • Maximum thickness and length of the metal you will be working with
  • Required flange lengths 
  • The bending angle and radius you want to achieve
  • Type of material and its characteristics
  • The tonnage load that won’t overload the tools or press brake
  • The back gauge and other accessories that can improve accuracy and efficiency

Small vs. Large: How to Choose?

Every shop is unique, and only you can anticipate your needs. You may want to choose a small press brake if your jobs require you to:

  • Bend small, complex parts or some larger sized parts
  • Reduce waste and eliminate rejections by bending metal accurately
  • Produce a wide range of materials and parts with a single set of punch and die
  • Save on the cost and lifespan of bending dies
  • Produce shapes like S, U, and polygon
  • Maintain a simple setup and tooling that can switch between applications easily
  • Move your machine easily by forklift when needed

Electric or Hydraulic?

If a small press break is right for your business, there are many options available: both hydraulic and electric. Many press operators prefer servo electric for the following reasons:

  • No pumps/fluids
  • No oil, no waste treatment, no leakage
  • Saves energy (many customers claim 2/3 energy savings)
  • Less maintenance
  • Fast and accurate
  • Temperature stability
  • Environmentally friendly

CoastOne Small Press Breaks

Now you need to look for small press brakes with top quality and efficiency. The CoastOne C-Series Small Press Brakes are built in Finland, home to Europe’s highest quality machine exports. These machines are all electric, servo-driven, and built to run for decades in most demanding environments. They will last for generations. And they use powerful, user-friendly programming that even the newest operator can run expertly on their first day.

CoastOne C-Series Small Press Brakes

CoastOne C-Series Small Press Brake Advantages

  • All Servo Electric 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Accurate
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Ergonomic
  • Easily Integrated into Production
  • Small footprint – takes up very little space
  • Small parts, ships in just 2 boxes
  • Easily moved with a forklift
  • Flexible Tool System
    • 19 in. of open height including clamping devices
    • 9 in. stroke length

CoastOne vs. Competitors Electric Small Press Brakes


  • Servo + Ball Screw
  • High accelerations
  • Direct positioning
  • Fast and precise (< 5 Micron)
  • Bending with one servo = 22 tons (C9/C5)
  • Pricing is more efficient
  • The beam with ball screws does not drift
  • Allows for our C-frame design (smaller press brakes)


  • Servo + Belt Drive (Many Competitors)
  • High accelerations, slow positioning
  • Positioning by 2 linear scales at side-frames, as seen on hydraulic machines Y1, Y2 (0.01mm)
  • Bending force amplified by pulleys
  • Only 2 Servos for 20 – 100t
  • Price difference very small between models
  • Need for big springs on side of machine (keeps bending beam up /security)
  • O-frame design only

Why Are C-Frames the Ideal Solution for Small Press Brakes?

C-Frames for Small Press Brakes - Cone C5/C9/C12/C15

  • C-Frames have free access from the side (no restriction by side-frames)
  • Can use longer tools for thin bending
  • Longer boxes can be bent
  • C-Frames are ideal for small press brakes, as their frames are usually very stiff

O-Frames for Large Press Brakes - Cone G20/G25/G30/G40

  • O-Frames are symmetric, stiffer and more precise
  • O-Frames allow bending force distribution over whole length of the press brake
  • O-Frames have many advantages in longer press brakes, as they have less deformations than the asymmetric C-Frames.


  • Sitting work – Better ergonomics
  • Machine height adjustment – Suitable working height
  • Small machine – Shorter handling moves, faster set-up
  • Better ergonomics – Less scrap, happier owners

Easy Control and Programming - Omron Control

  • Unlimited job storage 
  • Unlimited upper and lower tool storage 
  • Alphanumeric job and tool storage
  • Developed for the C-Series
  • Operator is a pro after half a day of training
  • Easy to learn, easy to train others
  • All-important bending functions available
Wila Pro Upper Tool Clamping (option)
Wila Pro Upper Tool Clamping (option)

Many Tooling and Clamping Systems Are Suitable

  • AMADA Promecam, Wila/Trumpf, Bystronic, etc.
  • Low and high tools
  • Hydraulic or mechanic clamping options
  • Easy to change/Upgrade (AMADA-connections)
  • Flexible tool clamping

Comparing CoastOne Small Press Brakes

More than half of press brake parts are less than 3.5 feet long. Most parts are bent on press brakes bigger than 6.5 feet.
This takes primary machines out of commission!

CoastOne C9

The C9 CoastOne Electric Press Brake is ideal for parts below 3 foot bending length.

  • 22t bending force – with 1 Ball screw
  • Servo-electric ball screw drive
  • Ergonomic and environment friendly
  • Mobile; 2 ton weight – easy to move
  • Cost effective
CoastOne Small Press Brake
CoastOne C12 diagram

CoastOne C12

Sometimes customers need bigger bending forces than the C9’s 22 tons.
The C12 CoastOne Electric Press Brake is suitable for small, but thicker parts.

  • 4.25 ft. bending length
  • 44 ton bending force by doubling the servo drives (2 drives with C12)
  • Ergonomic and flexible by the small size
  • 3 ton weight – stiff table without opening for the feet (C9)
  • Cost effective

CoastOne C15

The C15 CoastOne Electric Press Brake is a versatile machine for the small part bending world.
• 5 ft. bending length
• 44 ton bending force via 2 direct drives (servo motors and ball screws)
• Ergonomic and flexible by the compact size
• 3 ton weight
• Cost effective

CoastOne X Series

  • Over 2.5 ft. Of Open Height
  • Over 9 in. Of Stroke Length
  • Bending of boxes with side heights up to 15 ¾”
  • Amada Promecam tool- adapters H=19”
  • Options same as all CoastOne C-Series Models
  • Cone C9-X bending length 3 ft. -22 ton bending force
  • Cone C15-X bending length 5.25 ft. -44 ton bending force

Let’s put one of these CoastOne C-Series Small Press Brakes in your shop – contact Automec today!



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