Hurco S-6 Press brake Upgrade Instructions for CNC 150

Using name plate at the rear of the backgauge, identify the system as having “S6” suffix at the end of the model number.

Step 1) Remove gauge from Hurco S-6 press brake, turn upside down and re-mount.

Step 2) Remove 4 bolts holding the Hurco S-6 amplifier box and set aside. (It will NOT be used again.)

Hurco Backgauge S6 Flipped Upside Down
S6 Flipped Upside Down

Step 3) Remove Hurco belt tension bolt

Hurco S6 Belt Adjustment
Belt Adjustment on Hurco S6

Step 4) Remove Hurco S-6 motor bolts

Remove Hurco S-6 motor bolts

Step 5) Disconnect wires to the motor and carefully remove the motor which will be re-used.

Return the motor to Automec, 82 Calvary St., Waltham, MA 02454 and reference your customer name and order number. The motor will be tested and outfitted with an Automec optical encoder. It is helpful to take before and after photos.

After Receiving Automec Hurco S-6 Press brake Upgrade Components Back

Step 6) Mount motor and tighten drive belt

Step 7) Plug in all connections

Step 8) Attach green ground wire to the closest ¼ stud using 6 mm nut provided.

Use wrench to attach green ground wire to the closest ¼ stud using 6 mm nut 

Step 9) Mount plate w/switch using the new hardware that Automec provided (m6 x 15mm)

Mount plate w/switch to Hurco S-6

Hurco S-6 Press brake Upgrade Adapter Plate

Fabricated Adapter Plate from Automec which Bolts Right onto S-6 Hurco

An Upside-Down View of S-6 Hurco Outfitted with Automec Adapter Plate.
Close-Up of Automec Calibration Limit Switch

Step 10) Re-mount backgauge right side up and mount Automec gold amplifier in a convenient place.

Automec Servo Amplifiers Mounted to Side Frame. This is a 2-Axis Upgrade
On an Upstroking Press brake (Category 2) so There are Two Amplifiers.
A Single Axis Will Have one Amplifier.

Step 11) Mount control to existing Hurco pendant by making an adapter bracket depending on which Hurco pendant is found.

CNC 150 Control Mounted to Old Hurco Pendant

Step 12) Mount the Automec auto advance switch similar to the old Hurco switch.

Typical Auto Advance Switch Mounting.

Step 13) Dress cables and plug into 110V outlet.

Step 14) Program the Automec CNC 150 to 2 inches and calibrate in the normal manner.

Hurco S-6 Press brake Upgrade 

  • BELT – 130XL