Replace your Dynabend® or Ugrade Hurco® backgauge systems with Automec and save!

A large portion of Automec’s business today is replacing older backgauge systems like Hurco, Dynabend and our own Automec systems. While this is the preferred course of action, we do find that some customers need a more economical alternative during these times. Often, the mechanical portion of the backgauge is in good shape, but the electronics are obsolete or becoming too costly to troubleshoot and repair.

Automec Hurco backgauge Upgrade Solution!

upgrade-hybrid-autobend-cnc150Autobend® S4 outfitted with Automec CNC150 control, encoder, servo amplifier and cables

Automec has developed an upgrade kit for Autobend S4, S6 and S7 that replaces the Hurco control and electronics with Automec’s CNC150 control and electronics. The Hurco mechanical structure needs to be in good working condition, but the electronics do not matter as we replace the servo amplifiers, encoder, cables and all other components except for the motor. The Hurco DC motor is usually in good shape and only needs replacement in rare instances.  We currently do not offer upgrades for dual motor/dual ball screw Hurco backgauges.

The CNC150 control will perform exactly as you know it and the Hurco backgauge will position with approximately the same speed, accuracy and holding force of the traditional Hurco system. All Automec supplied components come with a one year warranty.

In this difficult economy, you might save money by repairing your existing system, and the new control will last you another 10-20 years!

What We Replace In A Single Axis Upgrade

All Hurco servo boards, cables, control head and control boards can be eliminated as the Automec upgrade replaces all of those components.

The only other requirements are that the Hurco mechanical assembly, bearings, ball nuts, and shafting are in good shape with no binding or mechanical looseness.

Hurco upgrades are done either by sending the Hurco main casting and moving carriage back to Automec or by sending just the motor to Automec.  In the first case, we take care of everything and you get a complete running system back.  That is simpler than doing the retrofit yourself but you have higher freight costs both ways, and the backgauges are quite bulky to handle.  Sending just the motor back requires paying attention to a few details because there are slight variations between different vintages of the S7 Hurco.

When sending the assembled mechanical structure to Automec, we only need the main frame, with moving the carriage, ball screws, Thompson shafts, bearings, and motor. We do not need the vertical uprights, gauge bar, fingers or the mechanical auto advance ram switch and control boxes or cables.

The assembly should be clean and degreased as we do not perform any functions on the mechanical components.

What You Get Back

You get back a working, tested hybrid system with all cables and electronics (except the motor) replaced by Automec.

Autobend S4 Details

S4 Hurco® mechanical utilizing Hurco® motor fitted with Automec encoder

The S4 is the older of the Hurco backgauges. The existing Hurco servo for the X-axis motor is located in a remote electrical enclosure with the PC boards for the control. The original S4 backgauges utilize “hall effect” sensors to accomplish zero referencing (calibration). The motor and encoder are located in the mechanical structure, and the Hurco® motor is re-used in its same position for the upgrade. Automec adds its encoder to the rear of motor1 and eliminates the “hall effect” sensors, replacing them with a simple plunger microswitch. Again, all electronics including the data entry panel, servo amplifier, encoder, and all cables are replaced by Automec.

Autobend S6 and S7 Details

S7 Hurco motor fitted with Automec encoder All other electronics replaced
Automec Servo Amp Used for all X-Axis upgrades and Category 2 (Amamda/Promecam) Ram Axis upgrades

These are the newer version Hurco has eliminated Hurco mechanicals and the “hall effect” calibration sensors in favor of a roller micro switch for X-axis calibration. Automec utilizes that switch as well as the Hurco motor which is usually in good shape1. We replace the encoder, the data entry control and all other electronics including the motor servo amplifier (which is located beside the motor in the mechanical structure). We leave the motor servo amplifier there, but it performs no function so you can remove it if you desire. The Automec servo amp is located remotely in its enclosure, and we provide and wire the cables that connect back to the motor, encoder and calibration limit switch.

This video will show the upgrade procedure on a CNC 150 control to a Herco S7 backgauge. This upgrade can be done in the field or in this case the main carriage and casting is returned to Automec. The first step is to remove the sheet metal covers on the Hurco. Next, remove the ball screw cover. When doing the retrofit in the field take digital photos of this area and send them to Automec so that we can configure the system properly. In this case Automec will return a completed system to the customer. The next step is to remove the old Hurco motor. The Hurco serveral amp can be left in place or removed. It is not used. Remove the Hurco cable and connector. This particular Hurco had a yellow proximity switch which cannot be used. Here we replaced the proximity switch with a roller switch. In your case you may already have a roller switch so all you have to do is check the polarity to make sure it is a normally open switch. Check the belt and replace if necessary. If you are doing a field retrofit, count the teeth on this driven sprocket as well as the number of teeth on the motor, so that we can make sure you get the correct ratio. When you return the whole system to Automec for upgrade, you don’t have to worry about that. Alpha reassembly, you mount the Automec connector with a Hurco connector was. You will receive this back from Automec. Now reinstall the motor exactly as it was before. Notice that there is a new encoder provided by Automec on the rear of the Hurco motor. Adjust the tension on the belt and connect the Automec cable to the modified motor. These are all plug-in connections. The other components you will receive are a CNC 150 control and a gold amplifier box. This amplifier box should be mounted to the side frame of the press brake using four quarter twenty bolts. All of the electronics for the system are included in these two pieces, so the Hurco control box can be removed as well as the Hurco controller hanging from the pendant. You may want to make a bracket to attach the CNC 150 control to your Hurco pendant. Once the gold box is mounted, connect the military connectors from the backgauge to the gold box and from the control to the gold box. Replace the ball screw cover and sheet metal covers covering the unit. We are now ready to try the system. The system will move back slowly to reference and then go quickly to position. You’ll notice that the system runs at approximately the same speed and accuracy as the Hurco when it was new. This completes the video on the CNC 150 to Herco S7 upgrade.

Ram Axis Upgrades

The ram axis can also be upgraded whether or not there is a Hurco® ram axis in place. Procedures are different depending on what type of press brake you have. When there is no Hurco® ram axis in place, just use standard Automec ram axis pricing and proceed as if the whole system is new. In other words, add the new Automec ram axis price to the price of the upgraded X-axis.

Category 1

Microswitch style machines like Standard Industrial, Cinn CB, Cinn H, Pacific, Accurpress, Allsteel, DiAcro, HTC, Wysong MTH, Wysong rotary.

Two Automec gold servo amplifiers – one for the X-Axis (backgauge) and one for the Y-Axis (ram control)
Automec Servo Amp Used for all X-Axis upgrades and Category 2 (Amamda/Promecam) Ram Axis upgrades

Send the Hurco ram adjuster mechanism in good condition complete with motor1 to Automec. We utilize the Hurco motor and retrofit our encoder and cables so the ram axis will merely bolt back up just the way you removed it. The Hurco micrometer barrel and motor housing will look externally the same as before. We provide a new servo amplifier for the Hurco motor housed in a separate enclosure identical to the X-axis servo.

Category 5 (Large Motor)

LVD, Haco-Atlantic, Betenbender.

Consult factory – These are very doable, but there are so many variables you must consult factory.

Note: All pricing and procedures assume the Hurco motor is in good shape. The motor usually has a pretty long life – it is the other electronics and amplifier that tend to wear out. In the rare instance that we find the motor is bad you have the option of purchasing and sending us another or we can provide one for an additional cost.

Automec Dynabend Backguage System Replacement

If you are still using a Dynabend Backguage System there has never been a better time to replace it with an Automec System.   While Automec provides an affordable and easy to use upgrade kit for Hurco systems, we currently do not have one for Dynabend.  Contact us at (781) 893-3403 for a free consultation on replacing your Dynabend.



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