Robotic Press Brakes

Press Brake Automation Enhances Performance

CoastOne robotic press brakes use robotic integration to automate the bending process and increase productivity and quality.

The CoastOne RoboCone is a modular robotic press brake. Press brake automation allows robots to operate press brakes without human intervention. 

The RoboCone can load and unload parts, rotate and flip them, and perform quality control and sorting. It can also communicate with the press brake controller and adjust the bending parameters accordingly.

Robotic Press Brakes from CoastOne

All the CoastOne press brakes now allow for a robot interface – either a collaborative robot, or a fully automated robot cell. CoastOne machines include the following:

The smallest “fully electric,” servo-driven press brakes found in the CoastOne press brake line are ideal for bending smaller parts. The C-Series small press brakes feature one to two ball screws using a “direct drive system” to administer force. Each ball screw is capable of producing about 25 tons of force. 

The G-Series machines feature an “O-Frame,” as opposed to the “C-Frame” found in smaller machines. The “O-Frame” deflects less than the “C-Frame” which is very useful for the higher tonnage and longer bed length machines. The G-Series is ideal for longer bending requirements and features three ball screws that crown and bend simultaneously.

Benefits of Press Brake Automation

Robotic press brakes can offer several advantages over manual bending operations, such as:

Increased Productivity

Work faster, longer, and more consistently than human operators, reducing cycle times and increasing output.

Enhanced Safety

Handle heavy, sharp, and hot metal sheets, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue for human operators.

Improved Accuracy

Achieve precise positioning and alignment of the metal sheets, ensuring consistent and high-quality bends.

Reduced Labor Costs

Decrease the need for skilled and experienced bending workers, as well as the training and supervision costs associated with them.

Robotic Press Brakes: The Best Applications

Press brake automation can be applied to various production scenarios in the industry:

Large-Volume and Repetitive Tasks

Automate bending operations that involve a large number of identical or similar parts, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.

Small-Batch and Frequent Tasks

Automate bending operations that involve a small number of different parts that occur frequently, reducing setup and changeover times and increasing flexibility.

Extra-Large and Heavy Tasks

Assist bending operations that involve extra-large or heavy parts that require two or more people to lift or manipulate, reducing physical strain and improving safety.

Robotic Press Brakes: Find Out More

By incorporating press brake automation, CoastOne continues its track record of innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Automec is proud to be a certified USA Dealer of CoastOne electric press brakes, and to provide excellent service and support to our customers. If you are interested in learning more about the RoboCone robotic press brake and other CoastOne products, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote.



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