Spring Special!

Spring Special!

spring sale
Now Until June 21st, 2021!

                                             From now until June 21st, 2021, Automec is holding a Spring Special for Gold Motor Pack Upgrades!  

                                      Looking to upgrade your control? Prefer a slightly less expensive option than replacing your entire system? 

For more than 10% off, our Gold Motor Pack Upgrade Kits are now just $3,995.00! (from $4,580)

This includes:  New Gold Motor Pack, Mounting Plate, Motor Mount Plate, Back cover, Out Limit Switch, Brake Assembly, Wiring Harness, Extenders, Gauge Cable, Hardware, Bearing & Retainer, Sprockets, 140XL037 Belt.

Call us for your Spring Upgrade! 781-893-3403×2 or Email: service@automec.com 

Note: Not available for the G-24 Control. 

Note: Lead time: Estimated 1 week.

Note: Automec Installation is available at a separate cost.

Note: Automec does not continue support for CNC99, CNC1000, CNC2000, CNC4000 controls. 



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