Standard Industrial Press BrakesCan Standard Industrial Press Brakes work without a computer controller (CNC)?

Yes, Standard industrial Press Brakes work with and without a computer controller. All Standard Industrial Press Brakes include mechanical ram controls, including one pedestal and footswitch control. You can also purchase an additional pedestal and footswitch control. You can also purchase palm buttons, a footswitch controller, and more advanced Automec CNC controller options.  

What control options are available with Standard Industrial Press Brakes?

Your press brake control options with Standard Industrial Press brakes include: 

  • Ram Auto Return: Operation of Standard industrial press brakes allow the ram to return after the pedestal or footswitch is released. The ram automatically returns once the cycle is complete with this option. 
  • A decompression system: There is a time-delay system available for bottoming applications
  • Low-Speed Retract: For press brakes 400 tons and above with significant flange work, a low-speed retract control slows the ram return speed for material handling.  
  • Standard Power Ram Tilt: A manual ram tilt adjustment is standard on all press brakes and is sufficient for most customers. It is quick and easy and allows up to +,- 1/8″ of the centerline. 
  • Optional Ram Power Tilt: Standard Industrial offers an optional powered system that tilts the ram +,- 3/8″ of the centerline and is changed instantly at the push of a button. Customers often use this power tilt option for larger press brakes. 
  • Four Position selector switch: The “Four Position In-Line Depth Stop” is a NON-COMPUTERIZED mechanical ram control that lets operators pre-set up to 4 different depths and angles. Press brake operators can select control options via a selector switch located on a two-hand control pedestal. The In-Line Depth Stop sets the top limit, the speed change, and a micrometer adjustable lower limit for the most precision bends. In addition, the in-line depth stop ensures NO Down-Time due to computer failure.
  • Automec Press Brake Controllers and Back Gauge Systems. Although no Automec backgauge or CNC control comes Standard with a Standard Industrial Press Brake, you can leverage the power of Automec press brake controllers and back gauging systems. Automec compatible controls and backgauges range from user-friendly, most basic single-line display controls to state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modeling systems.

What is the warranty on Standard Industrial Press brakes? 

Standard Industrial offers a five-year warranty on parts and a limited onsite labor warranty for all press brakes. In addition, it provides an optional 7-Year Extended Warranty for Metal Fabrication Equipment.  

The Standard Industrial website answers questions about the warranty.

Will I have problems finding parts for Standard Industrial Press Brakes?

One unique benefit of buying a standard industrial press brake is that you will have a lifetime supply of locally available parts. Standard Industrial supplies all original part information to its clients. Just refer to your owner manual and call your local supplier to get the parts replaced when a part is needed. With Standard industrial, there is no such thing as an orphaned machine, because you’ll be able to find parts anywhere around the world.

How long do I have to wait to get my press brake order from Standard Industrial Corporation?

Customization requirements can cause the delivery of your press brake order to vary. However, Standard Industrial press brakes U.S.A. manufactured, so you can expect better lead times than ordering from an overseas company! Manufacturers located out of the country find it challenging to meet deadlines due to delays in transportation.
If you order a machine coming from overseas, you may need to wait months before expanding production. In contrast, if you buy a press brake made in the U.S.A., you will get your equipment faster, deliver products faster and meet the growing demand for parts. As a result, you’ll make money more quickly, improve customer satisfaction and increase the R.O.I. on the new equipment!

Does Standard industrial offer a press brake lubrication system? 

There are two options for lubrication systems with standard industrial press brakes.   

All Standard Industrial press brakes come with a Manifold centralized lubrication system. The manifold lube system brings lubrication points to one easily accessible area (except optional Backgauge screws). Having a lubrication system lowers maintenance costs, saves time, and increases the life of your press brake.

Automatic Press Brake Lubrication System (optional)

The automatic lubrication system is an air-operated, timed system that automatically brings grease to all lubrication points (except backgauge screws). The automatic lubrication system is an excellent feature for multiple shift operations.

What are the safety features of Standard Industrial Press Brakes? 

All Standard press brakes are designed to meet O.S.H.A and ANSI B11.3 standards and comes complete with J.I.C. type listed electrical components. In addition, Standard industrial provides the following optional safety features and controls: 

  • Light Curtain Safety Berrier: Infra-red light curtain on the front of the press brake and physical side barriers protect the operator. Standard Industrial makes available Tapeswitch curtains as well as customer-preferred brands per special quote. 
  • Laser Guarding Systems: Infra-red light curtain across the front of the press brake coupled with physical side barriers protects the operator. Standard Industrial makes available Tapeswitch curtains as well as customer-preferred brands per special quote. 
  • Interlocking Physical Barriers/cages: Optional Heavy-duty, enclosed physical barriers prevent access to the rear brake. Interlocking gates shut the machine down when opened. 
  • Compliance Options: U.L. Listing, CSA and ZED compliance, are available optionally. All parts on the machines are U.L. listed. Contact the factory for other compliance options.

What tooling options come with a Standard Industrial Press Brake? 

Standard Industrial offers a wide variety of designs and styles of tooling. Options include precision, non-precision American style, European, Four-way dies, hemming, offset, channel, curling, rocker, etc. Standard industrial also provides custom-made tooling options for those who inquire. Tooling does not come standard on the press brakes. Contact an Automec today with your tooling requirements. 

What is Automec’s relationship with Standard Industrial Corporation? 

Automec, Inc. provides sales and service partnerships with third-party manufacturers, including CoastOne and Standard Industrial. We work with manufacturers that offer industry-leading products and services. In doing so, we ensure success for our customers and our business.




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