The Amada HRB Series Press brake and AMNC 3i Control System

Learn more about the HRB by visiting the Amada website and downloading the specifications and a brochure 

Introducing the Amada HRB Series: HRB 8025, HRB 1003, and HRB 2204 

The Amada HRB Series is a high-precision customizable press brake. Fabricators consult with Amada engineers and customize HRB press brakes to accommodate their manufacturing needs. With a wide range of Press brake machine features to select from, fabricators build a custom bending solution to enhance shop floor productivity.  

Improve setup time and operations. 

Fabricators can customize an HRB Press brake with features that improve an operators’ bending abilities and help them work at maximum efficiency. Shop floors need equipment to be flexible and accommodate the different skill levels of operators. With the HRB series press brake, new and experienced operators can produce accurate, repeatable bending results. In addition, fabricators utilizing more machine features to help avoid delays in operation will see a significant increase in throughput. 

Amada HRB Series Optional Features

  • Double Clamp Fingers
    • Accurately process complex part shapes
    • Operators have more positioning points
    • Rapid positioning increases bending productivity
  • L-Shift
    • Set gauge fingers to different depth measurements
    • Serves as a side gauge to prevent part slip
    • Process asymmetrical workpieces
  • Auto Slide Foot Pedal
    • Automatically slides to the next bending position
    • Slide speed can match the operator’s workflow
    • Slides to the operator’s dominant foot
  • Bi-S Sensor
    • Real-time correction of bend angles eliminates test bends
    • Ensures repeatable accuracy to minimize scrap
    • High-Speed bending of high-mix, low volume lot sizes
  • Digi-Pro
    • Angle verification tool
    • Transmits the measured angle wirelessly to control
    • The measured angle adjusts automatically on the control
  • Sheet Followers
    • Automatically follows and supports the workpiece
    • One operator can safely process large parts
    • Followers can be moved to the side when not in use 

The HRB Press brake is a flexible bending system that supports small to large parts and helps fabricators maximize speed and accuracy throughout the bending process. In addition, Amada added its AMNC 3i control system to help shop owners improve setup time and operation.    

The Amada AMNC 3i Control System

The new AMNC 3i control system includes a graphical interface that displays bend results before processing. Features also include:

  • A lite mode that allows press brake operators the ability to create programs quickly and efficiently.
  • A Customizable screen for each user
  • An option to perform operations efficiently on the control using a 2D touch screen, allowing shape form manipulation.
  • The AMADA vSDD software database provides programming storage on a local server when the control system is on a network.

Easy Tool Setup with 2d touch screen mode

Operators use the 2d touch screen mode to draw their bin sequence and obtain an efficient tool layout. As a result, the tool navigation generates an efficient layout and positions the back gauge to indicate where operators should install each tool. The new Amada HRB Press brake controls allow operators to set up tools and start production quickly. Modest s script-style punch holders are arranged in sections, enabling operators to navigate and install tools easily.  

The Amada HRB Series features a Multi-Axis back gauge.

The HRB Press Brake utilizes a multi-axis back gauge to help operators perform high precision and efficient bends. The back gauges fast multi-axis movements ensure the next bending stage is ready so that operators can maintain an efficient pace of operation. As a result, this machine delivers a highly productive user experience and streamlines production by combining usability with machine functionality. As a result, a modest HRB enhances operator performance allowing them to produce more parts per hour. 

Amada’s HRB Series will Reduce setup times with precise bending capabilities.

The HRB’s precise bending capabilities allow operators to process jobs quickly and shift to the next production stage. In addition, operators reduce setup times by utilizing a standard tool setup to process different parts. Shops that minimize the number of tool changes increase productivity and generate a lower cost per part.

Shops will see their operators repeatedly produce parts on time and without error. In addition, fabricators perform a wide range of bending applications and process parts that precisely fit, making downstream processes like welding and assembly easier.  

Change quickly from one tool setup to another.

Since shops often produce parts for multiple product applications, they need to switch from one tooling setup to another quickly. Angles can be verified and adjusted with a modest Digi-Pro. Operators measure the part to confirm and correct the angles as needed. The adjustable crowning provides consistent angle accuracy throughout the length of the bend to ensure the creation of parts with high precision.  

Summary of the Amada HRB Series Press Brake and AMNC 3i control system

The Amada HRB series press brake is the ideal bending solution for operators of all skill levels and provides high-quality production. A mod of fixed sight tooling reduces setup time by keeping punches in their holder with the clamps in the open position so fabricators can perform rapid tool changes and continue operations. In addition, the HRB series allows fabricators to customize a flexible high precision bending system to meet their current and future manufacturing challenges.  

Is the Amada HRB Series Press Brake out of your budget? 

Learn how to save money by upgrading your existing Amada Press brake with an Automec Fasfold Controller for a fraction of the cost to replace your machine. Press brake operators experience a similar 2D touchscreen and 3D graphical user interface, and you will benefit from automation, accuracy, and precision.  Click here to learn more or call to speak with one of our press brake controller experts at (781) 893-3403

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