Top 10 Reasons to upgrade or retrofit your Cincinnati press brakes

Cincinnati Press Brake Upgrade or Retrofit
Is it time for a Cincinnati Press Brake Upgrade or Retrofit?

Your old Cincinnati Press brakes can only do so much. The following are the most common reasons to upgrade or retrofit your press brakes: 

1) Start a new line of business or expand the production of existing products. 

Capacity is one of the most common reasons to upgrade your Cincinnati Press brakes. A scenario could go something like this; your sales manager lets you know that your best customer that needs to double production. You can’t do it with what you have now, or the machine will break down. Your company needs to upgrade your production capabilities and fast, or they might lose their best customer. Expanding your abilities can be done by 1) Outsourcing production to another manufacturer. 2) Buying a new Press Brake or 3) Upgrading your current Cincinnati press brakes with a retrofit.      

2) Take advantage of the latest trends in Press Brake Automation and computer-numerical controls (CNC).  

Upgrading your Cincinnati press brakes with CNC capabilities can improve your production and the product you deliver. Before CNC, older shops would need a technician for every machine. Now computer-controlled production has changed the entire machining process. It takes one person to operate many machines when CNC machining is used. You don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your press brake. A Cincinnati press brake retrofit can have CNC features at a fraction of the cost of buying a new press brake. As a result, the upgrade will create less waste and lower defects. 

3) Improve worker safety with fewer employee accidents.

Let’s face it; machine shops can be a dangerous place to work. Machines are loud, powerful, and can cut a limb or two in the blink of an eye. Hazardous conditions are especially true when employees don’t follow proper safety procedures or the equipment is malfunctioning or abused. A new Cincinnati press brake can come with advanced safety features including laser guarding systems, photo-electric presence sensing device, pedestal-mounted dual palm buttons, rear fence guard with interlock gate, restraints, safety blocking, end guards with electrical interlocks, pull-backs. 

4) Improve morale

Employees feel good when they can get the job done on-time, and they are more productive. Having newer or better functioning equipment can lead to fewer management complaints and better overall working conditions. This improvement is in contrast to the employee who is derided continuously and criticized for not getting the job done or producing shoddy products. New equipment can make all the difference in employee morale and jobs satisfaction.  

5) Improve accuracy and output quality.

Whether you are getting a retrofit or replacing your current machine, you can usually count on having less wasted materials and a better product for your customers. The accuracy of your press brake can make or break you when you are trying to close a deal that requires a low defect rate. Beter efficiency will reduce your customer rejects and rate of returns. Hence your customers will love what you do for them because you are delivering a superior product. 

6) Lower your labor costs 

It is not unheard of for a business to lower labor costs by upgrading capital equipment or replacing a Cincinnati press brake with one that needs less workforce. Having lower labor costs can make a company more profitable and prove a competitive advantage in the industry.  

7) Improve the environment by changing from hydraulic Cincinnati press brakes to CoastOne servo-electric 

Upgrading your Cincinnati hydraulic press brakes to CoastOne servo-electric can result in equipment that is efficient, clean and environmentally friendly. You will benefit from a Direct-drive system that has a servo-electric motor and ball screw(s). CoasteOne Electric press brakes have lower energy consumption and run off only 24V when not in motion.

8) Save money with a smaller footprint and get the same production out of more modern CoastOne Electric press brakes

The cost of leasing space can be prohibitive. Instead of paying a high lease, you can buy a smaller press brake has the same force and speed. Newer machines can utilize less space and produce the same level of production and quality. If you have high costs for manufacturing space upgrading your press brake lower your overhead and improve margins. Having a lower price for operations can make or break a company in a competitive industry.    

9) Reduce expensive press brake repairs and production delays

When your press brake begins to break down, you can never tell if it is a one time fix or the start of a never-ending sinkhole for cash. Costly repairs can seem like they’ll never end. Before you know it, you have already paid half the costs of a new press brake. Not to mention the hidden costs of production delays and added labor costs.

 10) Reduce noise pollution and get peace of mind.  

Machine shops don’t have to be noisy and full of grease and grime. Old Cincinnati hydraulic press brakes are always running hydraulic pumps while the machine is on. You can hardly hear yourself speak when you are on the production line. Whereas, electric press don’t need oil and the brakes are silent when not in motion. While in motion, the only sound heard is the servo-motor(s) spinning ball screw(s)



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