Introducing the Automec CNC 600 touch screen backgauge control

A new touch screen backgauge control interface

Automec’s new CNC 600 Control is a brand new touch screen backgauge control that will be used for new 1, 2, or 3 axis Automec backgauge systems, or for upgrading existing Automec backgauge systems. It has many features that press brake operators will find appealing, but not overwhelming. The user interface of the touch screen backgauge control is intuitive with icons prompting the user through the steps necessary to program a typical job. The control allows the user to import photos for a visual representation of each bend in a job sequence. The CNC 600 will be a great transition from all previous Automec controls. Customers will also be able to utilize their existing Automec backgauges, by upgrading to the CNC 600 touchscreen backgauge control. The CNC 600 control offers many of the features and capabilities our customers have been asking for. We’ve developed the CNC 600 to offer similar press brake / backgauge functioning as the popular CNC 150 & CNC 300 controls, but with a completely new and improved user interface!


touchscreen backgauge control systems


CNC 600 touch screen backgauge control features:


  • 15” Color TFT LCD Display
  • Virtually Unlimited Job Memory, 20 Bends per Job
  • USB Job Transfer & Storage
  • Import Photos
  • Programmable Delay/Retract between Bends
  • Reversal on Pinch Point
  • Parts Counter
  • Alphanumeric Part Numbers
  • Incremental Corrections
  • Ram Offset up to ± .999”
  • 1-Year Warranty on all Automec Components

Simplistic style “Run Screen” with all functionality laid out in front of the operator. From this screen the operator can see exactly what’s going on throughout the bend sequence of a particular job. The operator can also make adjustments to the dimension of each axis in the system. Here it can be run in “manual” or “automatic” mode.


Run: depth mode: touch screen backgauge control


Operators can recall a specific job from the control memory or through a USB (flash drive). The control offers the ability to save alphanumeric job names.


Backguage control to recall a specific job

The “Edit Job” screen allows you to make all necessary adjustments to each step in your job sequence. The operator is able to set the top of stroke, slow speed, and bottom of stroke here. Dimensions for each axis can be created/modified, as well as any bend allowances, retracts, or delays. Also, the operator can choose to import an image into each step in the job sequence to help give a visual representation of the specific step.

Backguage control “Edit Job” screenContact Automec at 781-893-3403 or your local distributor to get more information on the CNC 600 touch screen backgauge control. 



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