Toyokoki APB and HYB Series Press brakes are perfect candidates for a press brake control retrofit.

If you own a Toyokoki press brake and are thinking about buying a new system, you might want to consider the benefits of getting a press brake control retrofit instead. This could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Read on, and you will learn why!

The Toyokoki and Mitsubishi Partnership

In the early 90s, Mitsubishi acquired the rights to distribute and service Toyokoki press brakes from Toyokoki Co. Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan. At the time, all-electric press brakes were just getting started, and Toyokoki APB and HYB – Series press brakes were considered one of the world’s most precise lines of press brakes in the industry. 

Toyokoki Electric and Hybrid press brakes are built to last! 

Toyokoki APB Press Brakes were the first 100% ELECTRIC press brakes, meaning no O-ring changes, no hydraulic oil changes, no packing replacements, and no leaking. They even consume less power than same-sized hydraulic machines. They are practically maintenance-free.

Therefore, unlike low-grade hydraulic press brakes, the Toyokoki APB Electric press brakes were build to last for decades. As a result, Toyokoki electric and hybrid press brakes do not have the same maintenance issues as hydraulic press brakes.  On the other hand, the control systems on these machines are very outdated and in desperate need of replacement.

It is hard to find support for the Toyokoki press brake, and some manufacturer options are limited to machine replacement.

Unfortunately, the Toyokoki press brakes have limited support. Nor can you get options for upgrades or replacement parts.  Mitsubishi now sells its branded Diamond BB Series and the VIDERE operator support system.

Are you ready to spend a hundred thousand dollars or more on a new press brake?

Some owners of Toyokoki press brakes turn to third-party CNC control companies like Automec, Inc. to replace press brake and backgauge controllers  

Why Toyokoki APB and HYB press brake controls are outdated and need to be replaced

When Toyokoki press brakes were manufactured in the 90’s Microsoft windows was based on MS-DOS and using a 16-bit DOS-based kernel and 32-bit userspace. As a result, the Toyokoki machines were using Offline Windows software to let operators store and retrieve files via RS232 to and from a PC.  In modern personal computers, USB has displaced RS-232 for most of its peripheral interface roles. Few computers come equipped with RS-232 ports today, so one must use either an external USB-to-RS-232 converter or an internal expansion card with one or more serial ports to connect to RS-232 peripherals. Furthermore, many are missing are advanced press brake control options that we take for granted today, including an intuitive graphic user interface, color LCD Displays, network capability, USB Job Transfer & Storage, and Programmable Delay/Retract between Bends.

What are my options for Upgrading my old Toyokoki CNC Controller? 

Most fabrication shops are still working with old technology that needs to be upgraded. If your Toyokoki machine is having problems with its control system, the best and most affordable solution can be a new third-party CNC control that comes with a warranty and complete support. 

The good news is that Automec can utilize existing Toyokoki back gauges and replace the obsolete control system with our PC-based, Fasfold Controller. As a result, you will get a great new system backed by a warranty and ongoing support.  

This is where Automec, Inc. can help! Automec can upgrade your Toyokoki press brake controller for less than half the price of purchasing a completely new system. You can get control upgrades for most back gauges, including the Toyokoki APB and HYB Series.  

What are my options for a new servo-electric press brake with a warrantee and a state-of-the-art controller?

Would you like a new press brake that emulates a Toyokoki press brake for a very reasonable price? How about retrofitting your Toyokoki with a new controller and purchasing a new small electric press brake to complement it?  Automec offers CoastOne servo-electric press brakes that use ball screws and servo motors, exactly like the small Toyokoki press brakes do. Our machines offer the same accuracy and repeatability as the Toyokoki press brakes, along with the other benefits: quiet, fast, low maintenance and low energy consumption. Many of our CoastOne customers made the leap from Toyokoki press brakes to our modern, CoastOne servo-electric press brakes for an extremely reasonable price. Our CoastOne control is easy to use and operators can run the brake with very minimal training.

Can I get a deal if I trade in my Toyokoki Press Brake? 

How about trading in your Toyokoki brake? Automec offers trade-in value towards a new CoastOne press brake purchase.

Get started today!  Identify your Toyokoki press brake specifications below and contact a support representative from our Toyokoki press brake control retrofit team to learn your options at (781) 893-3403

Toyokoki Press brakes APB Series Specifications (All Electric Press brakes)

Toyokoki APB 8025w press brake

The Toyokoki APB Series press brakes are totally electric and offer high precision. Toyokoki’s precision bend technology includes small lot, multi-product production, short cycle delivery schedules, product complexity and accuracy requirements.

Toyokoki Press brakes HYP Series Specifications (Hybrid Press brakes)

Ttoyokoki HYB 175 press brake

Combining electric accuracy with hydraulic force.

Get started today by contacting our press brake control retrofit team for help at (781) 893-3403



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