Troubleshoot or Upgrade Your Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control

 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Your Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Systems

The following are questions, answers and diagnostic troubleshooting steps for Hurco Autobend 7.

1) What do I do if the Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Console display does not come on?  There is either no console or a partial console display.

Problem Possible Cause Correction
No console display or partial console display. Incoming power not turned on. Turn power on.
  Power not applied according to voltage tag. Correct per voltage tag.
  Incoming power fuse blown. Replace fuses.
  Control cable not correctly plugged into the connector on the Mainboard located in the power cabinet or to the Console Interface board. Correct if wrong.
  Power Supply is defective. If the CRT is fluctuating or looks like it is “breathing,” check for ±10% of 12 volts on the power supply. Also, check for the following voltages at these Mainboard test points: TP2 for +5 VDC ± 10% TP3 for +12 VDC ± 10% TP4 for -12 VDC ± 10% (Use TP1 for Ground Reference.) Replace if necessary.
  Display/CRT is defective. Select an existing program in the control and run it. If the gauge functions, the CRT is defective. If gauge does not function, unplug display/CRT and re-run program. If the gauge now works, display/CRT is defective.
  Mainboard is defective. Check the Mainboard to see that the Run LED is on. If not, replace Mainboard.

2) What do I do when Run is pressed on the Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control and the gauge does not move?  What do I do if there is a Motion error fault displayed?

Problem Possible Cause Correction
When Run is pressed, the gauge does not move. “Motion error” fault may also be displayed. Servo control relay, K1 is not being energized on the Mainboard. Check the servo enable signal on the Mainboard at connector J4 pin 12. If not present, check that K1 relay circuit on the Mainboard is energizing. If not, replace Mainboard.
  Gauge cable is damaged. Inspect and replace if damaged.
  The motor is damaged. Check for damage by: 1. disconnecting power to the Autobend power cabinet 2. using DVM (Ohmmeter) for ohms. 3. checking motor contacts for ohm reading. Rotate every 20 to 30°. Look for similar readings. 4. looking for inconsistent measurements and replacing MTE. 5. using DVM on low (20 VDC) scale. 6. placing leads on motor contacts and manually moving the carriage. A 2-3 VDC reading should be measured (depending on carriage speed). If not, replace motor.
  Servo amplifier damaged. 1. Check for 45 to 65 VDC at the servo amplifier. If not, check fusing and connections. 2. Check for servo enable input. When servo enable is active, input should be low. Trace signal back to Mainboard. If signal is not present, replace Mainboard. 3. Check for limit switch input. When switches are not actuated, input should be low. Trace input to switches then to motion module, replace if necessary. If these steps have been tried and everything checks out OK, replace the drive amplifier.
  DAC signal not present at amplifier due to damaged motion module or cable. Trace signal to motion module. If not found, replace motion module.

3) What do I do when the Control Display on the Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge is Locking-up?


Problem Possible Cause Correction
Control display is Locking-up Incoming power source is incorrect Ensure incoming power source is a three-wire system (hot, neutral, and ground) and that the voltage rate is correct for the unit on a dedicated line for the Autobend. Correct if not.
  Power supply is defective. Check test points on mainboard.  TP2 for +5VDC ±10% ” TP3 for +12VDC ±10% ” TP4 for -12VDC ±10% If voltages are missing check
power supply outputs.

3.1) What do I do when the Gauge moves only when the Run button is pressed?

Problem Possible Cause Correction
Gauge moves only when Run button is pressed. Defective latching relay K1 on the Mainboard. Check for cold solder joints around the relay. If none are found, replace the Mainboard.
  Defective Run or Stop buttons. Check the continuity of the Run and Stop keys. Replace if defective.

4) What do I do if the Gauge on the Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge drifts out of position or oscillates?

Problem Possible Cause Correction
Gauge drifts out of position or oscillates. Balance pot on servo amplifier needs adjustment. Adjust if necessary.
  Motor needs cleaned. Remove the motor, check the brushes, and clean carbon from the motor. Re-balance pot on servo amplifier.
  Defective Encoder. Check encoder signals. Replace if necessary.
  Servo amp defective. If the problem remains, replace servo amp.

5) What do I do if the Gauge is not positioning correctly?

Problem Possible Cause Correction
Gauge not positioning correctly. Defective Encoder. Check encoder signals. Replace if necessary.
  Cables damaged or connections loose. Check cables for damage. Replace if necessary. Tighten any loose connections.
  Drive belt loose or damaged. Check drive belt. Make sure it is tightened properly and is not worn. Replace or tighten if necessary.
  Mechanical binding or drag. Check linear ways and leadscrew for obstructions. Replace worn parts if necessary.
  Calibration incorrect. If, after calibration, the gauge positions ¼ off re-position the marker pulse in relationship with the calibration switch. Loosen the drive belt and turn motor pulley (without moving the leadscrew pulley) approximately ¼ – ½ turn; tighten belt. “

6) What do I do if during calibration on the Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control, if the gauge moves to the rear and stays or gets stuck?

Problem Cause Correction
During calibration, the gauge moves to the rear and stays. Calibration switch or cable is damaged or loose. Complete a continuity check of the switch with the cable unplugged. Replace if damaged. Check continuity of the cable. Replace if damaged. Tighten any loose connections.
  Motion module is defective. Check for proper outputs from the motion module. If not, replace the motion module board.
  Servo amplifier is damaged. Check for valid enable signals. If present, replace servo amplifier.

7) What do I do when the run cycle is interrupted or does not occur and there is a Dimension error, motion error, missing encoder counts or missing marker pulse?

Problem Cause Correction
The Run cycle is interrupted or does not occur. One of the following error messages is displayed: Dimension error. The back gauge has a programmed dimension greater than 24. Check the program to be sure it is correct. “
  Missing encoder counts or missing marker pulse. Check encoder signals. Replace if necessary.
  Motion error. 1. Check gauge travel for binding. Repair if necessary. 2. Check for 45 to 65 VDC at the servo amplifier. Replace fuse or power supply if not present. 3. Check for enable signals at amplifier. Replace motion module or Mainboard if not present. 4. If above checks out, replace servo amplifier.

8) What do I do when the keyboard does not function?

Problem Cause Correction
Keyboard does not function. Keyboard is damaged. Check keyboard per the keyboard test procedure outlined in the Keyboard Test Chart that follows this section. Check all the keys in question. If defective, replace the keyboard. If the keyboard passes, replace the Mainboard. Check keyboard wiring.

9) Keyboard Test – Follow these steps to test the keyboard:

  1. Disconnect the keyboard connector J7 at the Control Console Connection Board.
  2. With an ohmmeter, measure across the pins on J7, verifying the operation of each key according to the chart. As each key is depressed the meter should read 0 ohms, and as each key is released the meter should read infinite ohms.

Hurco keyboard Test ChartHurco Keyboard Test Chart

1. Mode 8. Stat. 15. N/A 22. Job
2. #1 9. #4 16. #7 23. decimal(.)
3. #2 10. #5 17. #8 24. #0
4. #3 11. #6 18. #9 25. Clear
5. Yes 12. No 19. Insert 26. Delete
6. Next 13. Out 20. N/A 27. In
7. Enter Adv. 14. Back 21. N/A 28. New Stat

Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Application and Tooling Diagnostics

10) What if the Angle programmed is not obtained with <10° of correction?

Problem Cause Correction
Angle programmed is not obtained with <10° of correction Wrong tooling (die opening, die radius, punch radius, etc.) programmed. Check that the tooling installed is the same as specified in the Job Setup screen for the active job. Verify measurements and correct if necessary.
  Material thickness varies Check material being used does not vary from blank-to-blank. Verify measurements and correct if necessary.
  Tooling not appropriate for operation. Check that tooling installed is appropriate. Verify measurements and correct if necessary.
  Tooling in poor condition or installed incorrectly. Check that the tooling is in good condition and properly installed.
  Ram tilt not level. Form parts on each end of machine. Level machine.
  Inadequate die crowing. Shim tooling to obtain consistent angle along bend length.
  Press brake control switches improperly set. Verify that press brake control switches are set so they cannot be actuated (when Y-axis is Active). Try other settings for Ram Speed selection, Stop, On, Speed Change, etc., to improve press brake reliability. Refer to the press brake manufacturer’s manual for instructions.
  Insufficient stroke length. Raise the open height of the ram by increasing the Ram Open parameter.

Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Screen Messages

There are two types of screen messages. One type of message verifies programming and operation functions. Error messages alert the operator of potential problems. The system can still be operated normally under these conditions. Error messages are cleared by pressing the Stop button.

11) Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Programming and Operation Messages

Programming and Operation Messages Definition
Are You Sure Question used to qualify a previous response, allowing an operator to be certain that the selections are correct.
Auto Run cycle that advances the stations automatically with each ram stroke.
Calibrating Message to indicate that gauge(s) are establishing an electronic reference position, prior to operation. Do not confuse this with referencing the gauge bar.
Cleared Indicates selected input was erased from the system memory.
Deleted Indicates selected job or station was removed from the system’s memory.
Depress Run Message for operator to enable axes.
End of Job List Indicates the last job available in the system memory.
End of Station List Indicates the last station available in the selected job.
Manual Jog Method to manually move the axes.
New Job Notification that a new job number was created.
No Job Programmed Indicates no jobs exist in memory.
No Stat Programmed Indicates no stations exist in memory for the job selected.
Not Available Indicates there is not enough memory available to continue programming.
Not Found Indicates a non-existent job or station requested.
Protected Access Programming disabled; the control’s keyswitch locked in Operation Only mode and unable to accept programming.
Servos Not Latched Indicates that the servo relay did not latch.
Single Run cycle that holds the axes at the station displayed until the Enter Adv key is pressed. Then the axes advance to the next programmed station.
Station Programmed Indicates the completion of programming for the current station.
Uncalibrated Indicates operation is selected and the axes have not been calibrated.
Verify Tooling Confirms tooling loaded in program is actually the tooling used.

12) Hurco Autobend 7 Backgauge Control Error Messages

Error Messages Definition
Amplifier Fault An error signal from the amplifier shows that the amplifier is not operational.
Configuration Error The system setup is not correct.
Dimension Error Programmed dimension exceeds maximum travel limits.
Entry Error Improper data input or command.
Dim + Tool Height > Max The ram dimension and tool height exceeds the Y maximum parameter.
Dimension < Tool Safety The gauge dimension is less than the safety programmed in the die library.
IO Task Indicates that an I/O command is incorrect. Indicates a potential hardware problem. Contact Hurco.
Illegal Angle Angle is below minimum (die/punch library).
Illegal Depth Stop The Depth Stop number is not 1 through 6.
Illegal Die Top The Tool 0 calibration is incorrect.
Illegal Die Bottom The Tool 0 calibration is incorrect.
Illegal Ram Open The value programmed for Ram Open is not between 0 and the Y-maximum value.
Illegal Ram Stroke The ram was stroked while the other axes were still positioning.
Illegal Speed Change The value programmed for Speed Change is not between 0 and the Y-maximum value.
Illegal State Specifies the type of I/O task error. Contact Hurco.
Invalid Entry Improper selection or command.
Invalid Message Command to change states is incorrect. Contact Hurco.
Job Not Fully Programmed The job programming is not complete.
Keystroke Termination Error An error created because of a possible hardware problem.
Limit Switch Reports an unexpected limit switch operation during operation.
Marker Not Found The electronic pulse from the encoder was not detected during calibration.
Missing Cal Switch Displayed when the limit switch input is not detected during calibration.
Missing Limit Switch Displayed when the limit switch input is not detected during calibration.
Missing Encoder Counts The electronic pulses from the encoder are not detected.
Missing Marker Displayed when the electronic calibration signal was not detected during calibration.
Motion Error Axis movement has occurred incorrectly or not at all.
Net Gauge Dimension The sum of the gauge parameters (dimension, bend allowance, retract dimension) exceed the maximum dimension limit.
Punch Angle > Die Angle Angle of punch is greater than the die’s angle.
Run Task Indicates that an operation command was not handled properly.
Warning: Low Battery Message displayed at power up indicating battery is low.

13) How can I upgrade my Hurco Autobend® S4, S6 and S7 Backgauge Control System and Electronics without spending a fortune?

Automec has developed an upgrade kit for Autobend® S4, S6 and S7 that replaces the Hurco® control and electronics with Automec’s CNC150 control and electronics. The Hurco ® mechanical structure needs to be in good working condition, but the electronics do not matter as we replace the servo amplifiers, encoder, cables and all other components except for the motor. The Hurco ® DC motor is usually in good shape and only needs replacement in rare instances.  We currently do not offer upgrades for dual motor/dual ball screw Hurco ® backgauges. Learn more >>

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