Upgrade your Press Brake with Automec’s Fasfold press brake controller

The Automec team continues to push the envelope of press brake controller innovation. One example is the recent launching of Automec’s premiere control system, the Automec Fasfold press brake controller. The new Automec controller brings Quickdraw and 3D simulation to an already innovative product line of controllers. And, its simple design means you can retrofit virtually any press brake, not just Amada Press Brakes! Together, these features save users untold hours of toil and stress over press brake red time.   

An ideal controller for new and used Amada press brakes 

The Automec Fasfold controller is one of the most advanced press brake controllers on the market today. The controller is ideal for both new and used Amada press brakes including Amada models RG, FBD, Fine Bender, NT and HFE.    And, the Fasfold press brake controller will save you a ton of time doing the setup for your CNC jobs.  Automec Fasfold Features include:  

Widescreen Multi touch format; allows ALL important views at once on main screen.
All Views At Once fasfold Controller for Amada Press brake
Quickdraw, graphical editing, real-time 2D and 3D simulation, fast and easy programming
Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Scroll and Page click by using two fingers smart phone style
Do rapid inspections, simulate the folding, inspect collisions
Fasfold Controller 3D Rapid Inspections
Windows 10 platform compatibility for improved security
Windows 10 Security
Online and Offline Press Brake Programming - Download or send jobs via USB or wireless network.
Online and Offline Press Brake Programming

Intuitive and easy to use quickdraw, real-time 3D, and 2D programming of parts  

With a 22 inches display, the Automec Fasfold controller offers a wide-angled 3D visual simulation experience. The widescreen multi-touch format allows you to see all the critical views on a single large screen. In addition, the interface is easy and straightforward to use. For example, it will enable you to edit your data block on the left, do graphic editing in the center, and allows you to see real-time bend simulation on the right in 2D or 3D. 

  • Easy angle correction 
  • Fast tuning 
  • Improved accuracy  
  • Real-time 2D & 3D bend simulation 

A press brake controller with smartphone-style usability

Smartphone style features of the Automec Fasfold allow less experienced technicians to perform more complex tasks in less time with less guidance. In addition, the screen supports zoom, pan, rotate, scroll, and page flick actions so you can navigate the Fasfold similarly using two fingers as your smartphone. This interface makes it easy to do rapid inspections, simulate folding and collision inspection. Using it is fast, easy, and accurate! 

Its next-generation touchscreen interface will make complex jobs easier for more novice press brake users and quicker and more efficient jobs for experienced users. As a result, you’ll save money every single time you work a CNC job. 

Online and Offline Programming with USB Backups for high reliability

The Automec Fasfold is also capable of doing online and offline programming with standard USB backup. This feature allows you to be in more control of the job without worrying about network connectivity issues. As a result, you will get high reliability and connectivity by syncing USB data with your local network when you’re back online.   

Windows 10 platform compatibility for improved security

The Automec Fasfold controller includes Windows 10 network compatibility. So, you will get peace of mind knowing that your press brake operations can seamlessly connect to your corporate network. Furthermore, having a press brake controller connecting with the latest Windows operating system means your programming data can be protected by Windows 10 multi-factor authentication technology and improved support for biometric authentication through the Windows Hello platform.   

The Perfect Addition to your Amada press brake

Amada is well known for manufacturing a wide range of down-acting precision brakes. In addition, its machine tools have notably set global standards for performance and reliability. Fortunately, the simple design of the Fasfold controller easily integrates with the relatively complex backgauges of typical Amada press brakes. So, there isn’t a downside to choosing the most advanced controller on the market for your Amada press brake.   

In fact, the Automec Fasfold controller is suitable to retrofit ALL of the Amada press brakes including 7-axis with crowning.   Whether you’re looking for a controller for a new Amada press brake or whether you’re looking to retrofit your old press brake, the Automec Fasfold is the perfect controller for the job. It will make your CNC production more productive and more predictable overall. 

Get an Automec Fasfold Press brake Controller for a fraction of the price of comparable products.

The Automec Fasfold controller will pay dividends each time you use it. With the attention paid to every detail of Fasfold’s engineering and design, you have nothing to lose except red time from your press brake!  

You’ll be thanking yourself for investing in the Automec Fasfold controller. So contact us today at (781) 893-3403 to fit your press brake with one of the most advanced press brake controllers on the market!

Watch the video below to get a preview of the Automec Fasfold Press Brake Control Retrofit and see how you can upgrade your Amada Press brake to reach its full potential!

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