Why is Automec, Inc. the industry leader in retrofitting press brakes and shears?

Automec has 50 Years of Press Brake, Shear and Backgauge Retrofit Experience including:

Accurpress Press Brake ControlsAccurpress Press Brake Control

  • Most Accurpress

Adira Press Brake ControlsAdira Press Brake Control

  • Adira – Adira CNC Control
  • Adira – Down Stroking
  • Adira – QIH
  • Adira – Up Stroking

AMF Press Brake Control

  • AFM
  • AFM (Bystronics)

Allsteel Press Brake ControlsAllsteel Press Brake Control

  • Allsteel – No Control
  • Allsteel – Alsteel Control

Amanda Press Brake ControlsAmada Press Brake Control

  • Amada – Alpha Fine Bender
  • Amada – FBD
  • Amada – RG – Amada Control
  • Amada – RG – Up Stroking w/o control

Haco Atlantic Press Brake ControlsHaco Atlantic Press Brake Control

  • Atlantic (Haco Atlantic)-Depth Stop
  • Atlantic (Haco Atlantic)-Robosoft

Altec Bantam Press Brake ControlsAltek Bantam Press Brakes

  • Most Bantam / Altek Bantam

Bertsch Press Brake ControlsBertsch Press Brakes

  • Most Bertsch

Betenbender Press Brake ControlsBetenbender Press Brakes

  • Most Betenbender

Chicago Press Brake ControlsChicago Press Brakes

  • Chicago – Dreis & Krump (D&K)
  • Chicago – Dreis & Krump (D&K) – made in Spain

Cincinnati Press Brake ControlsCincinnati Press Brakes

  • Cincinnati – Auto Form (AF)
  • Cincinnati – Autoshape (AS)
  • Cincinnati – CB or CB I
  • Cincinnati – CB II
  • Cincinnati – Form Master (FM)
  • Cincinnati – Form Master II
  • Cincinnati – H Series
  • Cincinnati – Pro Form

DiAcro Press Brake ControlsDiAcro Press Brakes

  • DiAcro – Rotary
  • DiAcro – with Foot Tredle

Donewell Press Brake ControlsDonewell Press Brakes

  • Most Donewell

Durma Press Brake ControlsDurma Press Brakes

  • Durma (Turkish Brake) – CNCHAP
  • Durma (Turkish Brake) – LC-HAP

Fabmaster Press Brake ControlsFabmaster Press Brake Control

  • Most Fabmaster

Gasparini Press Brake ControlsGasparini Press Brake Control

  • Most Gasparini

Guifil Press Brake ControlsGuifil Press Brake Control

  • Guifil – No Control (Down Stroking)
  • Guifil – with Control
  • Guifil – No Control (Up Stroking)

Haco Atlantic Press Brake Controls

Haco Atlantic Press Brake Control

  • Most Haco Atlantic

Iturosppe Press Brake Control

  • Iturosppe – Depth Stops no Control
  • Iturosppe – Iturosppe Control

Krras Press Brake ControlsKrras Press Brake Control

  • Krras – Bend Series
  • Krras – Newton Series

Leaf or Pan Press Brakes

  • Leaf or Pan Brake – Any manufacturer.

LVD Press Brake ControlsLVD Press Brakes

  • LVD – JS (Job Shop) – No Control
  • LVD – PPH – No Control
  • LVD – PPM – No Control
  • LVD – with LVD Control

Maxform Press Brake ControlsMaxform Press Brakes

  • Most Maxform

Macoser Press Brake ControlsMacoser Press Brakes

  • Most Macoser

Megabol Press Brakes

  • Most Megabol

Megafab Press Brake ControlsMegafab Press Brakes

  • Most Megafab

Mitsubishi Press Brake ControlsMitsubishi Press Brakes

  • Most Mitsubishi

Niagara Press Brake ControlsNiagara Press Brakes

  • Niagara – ADC – No Control
  • Niagara – HBD Series
  • Niagara – HBM – No Control
  • Niagara – HD Series – No Control
  • Niagara – Niagara Control or Cybelec

Pacific Press Brake ControlsPacific Press Brakes

  • Pacific – Fabriformer
  • Pacific – FF Model
  • Pacific – J&K Series – No Control
  • Pacific – Old J&K Series

Piranha Press Brake ControlsPiranha Press Brake Control

  • Most Piranha

Premier Press Brake ControlsPremier Press Brake Control

  • Most Premier

Primeline Press Brake ControlsPrimeline Press Brake Control

  • Most Primeline

Promecam Press Brakes Control

  • Most Promecam

Pullmax Press Brake ControlsPullmax Press Brake Control

  • Pullmax – Depth Stops No Control
  • Pullmax – EKP Model
  • Pullmax – Pullmax Control

Roto-Die Press Brake ControlsRoto-Die Press Brake Control

  • Most Roto-Die

Standard Industrial Press Brake ControlsStandard Industrial Press Brakes

  • Most Standard Industrial

Summit Press Brake ControlsSummit Press Brakes

  • Most Summit

Tarasconi Press Brake ControlsTarasconi Press Brakes

  • Most Tarasconi

Toyokoki Press Brake ControlsToyokoki Press Brakes

  • Most Toyokoki

TriAcro Press Brake ControlsTriAcro Press Brakes

  • Most TriAcro

Trufab Press Brake ControlsTrufab Press Brakes

  • Most Trufab

Trumpf Press Brake ControlsTrumpf Press Brakes

  • Most Trumpf

Wysong Press Brake ControlsWysong Press Brakes

  • Wysong – H
  • Wysong – HPB
  • Wysong – MTH
  • Wysong – PH
  • Wysong – Rotary
  • Wysong – RT
  • Wysong – SH
  • Wysong – XCL

YSD Press Brake Controls

  • YSD

Why Automec?

Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems. Our positioning systems consist of a programmable control where the operator enters a dimension and a motorized gauging mechanism automatically moves through a sequence of programmed dimensions. These systems can be retrofitted to pressbrakes, shears, cut-off saws and punches.

Automec systems increase the productivity of the machinery they are attached to by dramatically reducing material handling during the manufacturing process. Our systems are noted for their ease of programming, high reliability and positioning accuracy.

About our Products

All Automec systems consist of a dedicated control linked to an electro-mechanical gauging system. The operator programs a single position or a sequence of gauge positions at the control, then the gauge mechanism moves to those positions each time the primary machine cycles. The Automec system moves the gauge mechanism to the next position quickly and accurately to increase the operators productivity. This eliminates the manual setting of the gauge, which will dramatically reduce material handling during the manufacturing process.

The Automec systems are noted for their ease of programming, high reliability, and positioning accuracy.

All of our products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA


Automec takes great pride in the personal touch that it offers its customers. Our goal is to put you directly in touch with one of our service technicians whenever you experience a problem and get your system back into production as soon as possible. We try to provide you with a working system within 48 hours of receiving your system. Additionally, we offer next day delivery for up to 95% of the parts that you may require. You may request service related information via email or call us at (781) 893-3403. Our parts and service department is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard time.



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