Econogauge for Press Brakes

Automec Announces Econogauge for Press Brakes   Econogauge is a simple, manually positioned backgauge for press brakes with a digital display at a fraction of the price of a CNC backgauge.  Automec has designed and manufactured CNC backgauges since 1972.  With Econogauge, the operator simply loosens the carriage lock, slides the gauge bar to the

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pressure gauge


(Download using without numerical control) 14 – 1 PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS Before carrying out any bending operations, it is necessary to define: The bending technique: – air bending or – coining (see section 13) 14 – 2 IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS In order to avoid any accident during bending operations, it is imperative that the instructions below be

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Amada Promecam Press Brake technical description

9) Amada Promecam Press Brake Technical Description

9 – 1 MECHANICAL STRUCTURE made of:  A welded frame including 2 uprights items 1, 1′, 1 sale item 2, 1 table item 3, 1 front plate item 4. Movable mechanical elements: 1 upper beam item 5, 1 lower beam item 6, 1 front support item 7. 9 – 2 MECHANICAL CONNECTIONS 9 – 2

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Punching, Shearing & Stamping Machine

PS 50 AUTOFEED Hydraulic Shear Machine

The PS 50 Autofeed Hydraulic Shear Machine can dynamically increase the productivity of your shearing, punch press or stamping operation. Create the perfect Hydraulic Shear Machine for your shop! The operator simply loads a blank onto PS 50, locks it in place with pneumatic grippers, and sets the feed in motion which automatically triggers the shearing,

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CoastOne C9

Servo-Electric Press Brakes Penetrating the American Market   Automec, Inc. is now a Certified USA Dealer of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. Automec handles sales and service for customers in the U.S, as they have been with their backgauge systems for the last 47 years. Servo-electric press brakes are becoming the future in press brake technology.

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amada promecam


This document is designed to facilitate the handling, placing operations and connection to the electricity and compressed air supply networks of your ITS or ITPS hydraulic press brake (Figure 1.1). This publication covers the following models: AMADA ITS 50/12 AMADA ITS 50/20 AMADA ITS 80/25 AMADA ITS 103 AMADA ITS 125/30 List of available versions:

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