PA Customer Tackles Static Control with the Automec Squaregage

Over the course of last week, one of Automec’s newest Engineers took a road trip down to Hughesville, PA to help with part of an installation for one of our customers on a Squaregage™ Plus control .  Blair designed and installed a modified Squaregage control and cables to make the Squaregage more resilient to static

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Automec Sponsors Local High School League

Automec continues to sponsor local schools and its community in Waltham, MA. This time around Automec is happy to be a proud sponsor of the Twilight League for the 2018 Waltham High School Summer Soccer Program. This program started over 4 decades ago that allows high school soccer teams to play during the summer to help

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Econogauge for Press Brakes

Automec Announces Econogauge for Press Brakes   Econogauge is a simple, manually positioned backgauge for press brakes with a digital display at a fraction of the price of a CNC backgauge.  Automec has designed and manufactured CNC backgauges since 1972.  With Econogauge, the operator simply loosens the carriage lock, slides the gauge bar to the

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pressure gauge


(Download using without numerical control) 14 – 1 PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS Before carrying out any bending operations, it is necessary to define: The bending technique: – air bending or – coining (see section 13) 14 – 2 IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS In order to avoid any accident during bending operations, it is imperative that the instructions below be

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