An affordable backguage for press brakes with a digital display at a fraction of the price of CNC backgauges

Econogauge is an affordable backgauge solution for press brakes. It’s a manually positioned backgauge for press brakes with a digital display that sells at a fraction of the price of a CNC backgauge.

Accurpress Parts and Assemblies Manual for Press Brakes

Find the Accurpress parts that you need, names and descriptions in this easy to use gallery of Accurpress Press Brake Parts and Assemblies Manual

Overview of the Programmable R-axis on Automec Backgauge Controls

Backguage Programmable R-axis: Electric disk brakes hold the gauge bar at the proper height once the R-axis moves to position. Includes the motor, amplifier and encoder. 8 precision ball -bushing assemblies are used to traverse the gauge bar up and down.

PC 800 CNC Backgauge Controls for Press Brakes

Automec’s PC800 is a graphical backgauge control for its family of CNC backgauges that uses digital photos and 2-D graphics to make your press brake forming easier.